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Course Overview

Our online courses are designed to give you the language skills and the test techniques and strategies to help you pass the OET. You can study in your own time and at your own pace, and we also have intensive classes you can join. 

As an official premium provider, our courses are of a high standard and our teachers are experienced and well-qualified.

Our courses are designed for medical professionals, doctors and nurses, with an upper-intermediate or advanced (B2-C1) level of English.

OET Online: Reading




In your lessons, you will learn about the three reading papers which make up the reading sub-test: Part A, B and C. You will learn different techniques, such as skimming and scanning, reading for gist, reading for detail, etc. You will also learn different strategies. There are six full practice tests for you to complete.

Reading feedback

This is a self-study course, and you will receive immediate feedback on tasks and practice tests, with detailed answers. A tutor will also be available if you have any queries.


We use our own materials for the lessons, created by our OET team who are Premium Preparation Providers.


OET Online: Reading (3 month's access to the course, including weekly live classes)
6 x video lessons
6 practice tests with detailed feedback



Key Facts

  • Minimum English level: B2
  • Minimum age: 18   
  • Average age: 30
  • Minimum course length: 1 week
  • Average class size: 5 (maximum 8)

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