Andrew Foster


After graduating from university with a degree in media, I decided to pursue a career in teaching because I wanted to do something where I could have a positive impact on people. I also love travelling and experiencing different cultures, so having a job where I could do this was important to me. I did my CELTA at West London College and almost immediately after I started working at West London English School. So far, I love it! Working with such a friendly and supportive team in a green borough like Ealing makes coming to work a treat. I’ve had experience teaching classes of varying levels at the school, from elementary to proficiency, and I love the challenge and excitement that comes with each new group of students. Outside of the school, I tutor students and teach classes from China online.

When I’m not in teaching or preparing lessons, I love being outdoors, either going on long walks or taking photos. If you need any recommendations for a day trip outside of London, just ask me! My other favourite pastime is wandering around museums and galleries, and I still work part time at one of the biggest museums in London (I’ll let you guess which one it is). I run the school’s social media too, so if you see me whip out my phone during one of our socials, just smile and wave!